The world of Caldahar is taking shape within Quest Accepted.

quest accepted adventuring party roar

The old characters are retiring and their descendants are taking over.

Over the last couple of months the characters of Quest Accepted have been reassessed and are being remade by our newest artist Kristine “KrisCrash” Hansen.
Currently in the concept phase the heroes of Quest Accepted are taking shape.

This transformative overhaul has seen the characters stand out more and their personalities, preferences and reasons for being have all been made much more clear than previous iterations.

Staying true to the classic RPG feel of the characters is important to us so the player gets the feeling of creating a true adventuring part in the style of their pen and paper experiences.

The available heroes in the Quest Accepted are quite archetypical and should be well known to anyone who has played an RPG, MMO or fantasy game of any kind.

quest accepted warrior portrait


The warrior, a grim and burly fighter clad in heavy armour. Ready to take the hits when necessary keeping her companions out of harm’s way. Wielding sword and shield this rugged veteran will be a valuable addition to any adventuring party.



quest accepted rogue portrait


The rogue, a fast sly melee fighter with plenty of tricks up her sleeve. She favours lighter armour so as to not hinder movability. Fast and deadly she can deal major damage to her target if not contained.



quest accepted cleric headshop



The priest, a pious and selfless healer, clad only in robes she is vulnerable to incoming damage. Her focus is on keeping her party alive and well, rather than dealing death and destruction. Sacrificing damage output for sustain might be the way to build a lasting adventuring party


quest accepte Wizard portrait



The wizard, a ranged damage dealer, her power comes from her control of the elements. Her spells offer high amounts of damage in large areas but her lack of armour leaves her vulnerable to attack.


One hero who will stand out is the “class-less” adventurer.adventurer quest accepted concept

The adventurer, the clean slate, a young, bright eyed and bushy tailed girl.

She has reached the age where the hard farming life doesn’t satisfy her anymore and her lust for adventure is peaking. She is ready to join your party and set out on epic adventures.
Eager to learn she sets out with an old boar spear, travellers clothes and a backpack full of the essentials needed to survive the wide world of Caldahar.

The adventurer will be the players starting hero! Her lack of experience means that she is not as powerful as the other heroes but she is fast and able to adapt to any situation. She is eager to learn and the players will be able to choose to upgrade her and enhance her capabilities to suit their individual play style.

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