Random Dragon


We believe nerds are the future!

We aim to make nerd culture more accessible to everyone while retaining the depth nerds love.

We do this by creating games and solutions that are nerdy and fun for everyone, by building intuitive and accessible systems, and by working with clients to bring games, experiences and apps to a wider, evolving audience.


Located in the innovation driven development community IdeasLab in Aarhus, Denmark and with roots in the game focused incubator GameHub Denmark, we have unique opportunity to innovate and collaborate with talented people from different fields of digital experiences to create new and inventive products.


random dragon dice rolledWorking at Random Dragon is fun and challenging we are passionate and work hard to create products we can be proud of, for our clients and ourselves.


At heart we are a bunch of nerds, we host board game nights, play video games together and cultivate an inclusive community where geekyness, creativity and cooperation is encouraged and rewarded.



Jacob Laurits Besenbacher Kjeldsen

Random Dragon CEO and producer. All official business goes through him. Jacob takes care of planning and has the last word when it comes to company disputes and project direction. 




Nikolaj Lund Sloth

Random Dragon CFO and general nice guy, he makes sure that business runs smoothly. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, whether it be difficult programming tasks or dealing with finances.




Asbjørn Gjøderum-Svenningsen

Random Dragon CTO, lead programmer and Draco Malfoy look-alike. He is a hard worker and a gifted programmer, always making sure the task get done as well as guiding the others to success.