Lots of joy and celebration at the office. The long journey towards releasing Custom Quest on the asset store has finally come to an end.


This weekend Custom Quest was accepted by Unity and made available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store, completing the quest for the first Release of Random Dragon Games, and with it unlocking a new quest towards more releases and an exciting future for the company.


The quest towards the release of Custom Quest brought exciting adventures, challenges and experiences in areas we never thought we would explore. By exploring these areas, and challenging ourselves to take dynamic development further, we earned lots of experience points, gearing us towards new goals and getting us closer to the release of our dream games.


We are already using Custom Quest in the development of Quest Accepted, as one of the main features is competitive Quest Completion. We hope Custom Quest will be able to help other developers create engaging gaming experiences.

Find Custom Quest Here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/92594

And learn more about it here: http://randomdragongames.com/games/custom-quest-3/

Learn about the background of Custom Quest: http://randomdragongames.com/the-quest-for-the-custom-quest-system/