Random Dragon


Internal productions

Games we are working on in Random Dragon

Quest Accepted

The player races an opponent to see who is the better adventurer, who completes the most quests in the shortest time. Or maybe just sabotage the opponent, so the player is the only adventurer still standing. Explore and defeat various monsters, while gaining levels and equipment to help you further on your journey.

“Pushy blocks” – working title

Players control wizards who are vying for control, power and survival in the midst of a swirling void maelstrom. The last man not to be pushed into the void and lose all of his health wins the battle.


External productions

Games we are Co-Creating, helping develop as work for work and / or work for hire.

Scuffle Scoundrels

Scuffle Scoundrels is mulitplayer pirate brawler, developed by Moped Games. We at Random Dragon have accepted the task of adding online multiplayer functionality. Scuffle Scoundrels is available on steam, itch.io and gamejolt.