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Quest Accepted

Quest Accepted Title - Cleaned

Quest Accepted is an online multiplayer, console RTS game, set in a fantasy world.
Players recruit an adventuring party and command them on quests against NPC monsters while they do PvP battle against the enemy player.one_page_overview

The players each control a war torn town, upgradable to suit their playstyle. From here they can hire their adventurers for their party. 

Quest Accepted aims to unite the magical world of an RPG with the strategy of an RTS.
The game is played on a variety of different battlefields each full of engaging quests, strategically important locations and rewards to be earned.

Be the better adventurer!


Key Features:

Console RTS.

Solve PvE quests to earn victory points.

Fight the enemy adventuring party in PvP combat.

Secondary features:

Conquer map locations, to gain resources.warr_rogue

Upgrade your town, to suit your playstyle.

Attack the enemy town.

Explore the map to reveal its secrets.

Improve your adventuring party with levels and equipment.

Weighted matchmaking, ensuring every match is fun for all involved.