Random Dragon

Client projects


KnighOut is a Co-Op build and brawl game, where brave knights build castles to defend their king, use their mighty swords and cannons to tear down the enemy and slay their king. Random Dragon is responsible for online multiplayer functionality, become a backer to get the game early! 


Scuffle Scoundrels

Scuffle Scoundrels is multiplayer pirate brawler, developed by Moped Games. We at Random Dragon have accepted the task of adding online multiplayer functionality. Scuffle Scoundrels is available on steam, itch.io and gamejolt.



PandaBall is a multiplayer panda soccer game where players control a team of pandas to play football(soccer) against other players. Full of random power upps and fun balls PandaBall focuses on social gaming and and easy learning curve, making it ideal for families and friends. – We created a prototype of the game with Moped games, for RobberBall games.


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