Quest Accepted is not currently in production!


Quest accepted was Random Dragons first project. We ended up halting the project for good in September 2017 due to a multitude of factors. We aren’t shy about it, in fact we are pretty proud that we dared take on such a big project as our first.

We learned about ourselves, the industry and how to work on large projects through Quest Accepted.

We built a giant fantasy world around the game that our future in house IP’s will also be set in. Dumb as Wizards is even set in the same world.

Quest Accepted was built around competing to complete quests, for which, we built Custom Quest.


All in all Quest Accepted is an experience we are glad we had, it matured us as a company and prepared us for our future projects, both internal and external.


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Quest Accepted was an online multiplayer,console RTS game, set in a fantasy world. Players recruit an adventuring party and command them on quests against NPC monsters while they do PvP battle against the enemy player.

Be the better adventurer!



Key Features:

  • Console RTS.
  • Solve PvE quests to earn victory
  • Fight the enemy adventuring party in
    PvP combat.


Secondary features:

  • Conquer map locations, to gain
  • Upgrade your town, to suit your
  • Attack the enemy town.
  • Explore the map to reveal its secrets.
  • Improve your adventuring party with
    levels and equipment.
  • Weighted matchmaking.


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