2017 has been quite the year for Random Dragon, lots of fun, challenges and hard work, but also reflection and tough decisions.

We moved the operation to Ideas Lab from GameHub Denmark.

We’ve held and attended events, gone to conferences and experimented with new technology.


It feels like forever ago already, but we released our first product.

Custom Quest

We started working for and with other game developers. We made a prototype for PandaBall, created online multiplayer functionality for Scuffle Scoundrels and are currently working on adding it to KnightOut for 2nd Studio.



We learned a lot from 2017 and though it has been an amazing year it was not all a walk on roses, we stopped working on the RTS RPG incarnation of Quest Accepted, it was a tough decision but a healthy one. It wasn’t all for naught however as Dumb as Wizards is set within the same universe and future productions from Random Dragon will expand upon it. And perhaps you will even see the bearded witch again #beardequality



We have truly enjoyed collaborating with so many people and have made partnerships that are not just professional and productive, but friendly and spanning more than a single project.

2018 looks to be a year where we can reap what we have sown in 2017, a year where we can put our skills to good use, and a year where the Dragon spreads their wings.

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