After a year and a half in the service of science, Random Dragon is off to new ventures in the new decade and looking for the next challenges.

2019 was quite a year. We got to have our hands in a multitude of projects; Games, tools and services alike as consultants at ScienceAtHome. We are now up to more than 20 projects that we have been involved as partners and consultants.


ScienceAtHome and Citizen Science in general matched up perfectly with the Random Dragon vision; We believe nerds are the future and we want to develop games and work on projects that make nerdy subjects more inclusive. Citizen Science allows science to be brought into the living room and lets users have scientific impact through their data, does just that, makes nerdy subjects more inclusive, especially in the cases where learning becomes embedded in the scientific contribution. 


Not all of ScienceAtHomes’ games are available to the public but you can play some of them via their site and contribute to science today!


It has been a pleasure to work with, not just the development team, but the scientists and teachers at ScienceAtHome as well. We wish them all the best in the future, who knows, we may just work together again in the future.


We wish everyone roaring success in the 2020’s.


To hire Random Dragon for a project contact us at and lets talk!

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