Dumb as Wizards is out in Early Access on Steam!!

Get it here and play it now!

We also have a fancy new site where you can learn more about the game, a community group where players can add their ideas for the game and we have become discord partners so people can join the discord group and set up play sessions.

Dumb as Wizards website: http://dumbaswizards.com/

Facebook community group:



Why early access

Dumb as wizards is a social game, so is the development of it!

We want to make Dumb as Wizards the game it can be and just like we have been gathering feedback since day we want to continue getting feedback all the way up to release! We feel early access matches our development style and allows us to Show rather than Tell!


Steam integration

Being out on steam will allow players to join each others games via the steam invite, making sure you wont have to wait forever to play online.

We are working on Discord invites as well, feel free to join the Random Dragon Discord at https://discord.gg/randomdragon

We will be adding steam achievement to the game, and linking certain customisation options with them, so you can show off your prowess!


Development during early access

Dumb as Wizards is currently in beta with the following features:

  •  4 Modes
    • Wizard Rumble: The main mode, Wizards purchase spell scrolls that last one battle round, and gaining currency from defeating other wizards and winning.
    • Chaos; after each use, spells are randomised
    • Roulette: 4 random spells are given to the player each Battle Round
    • Defend the Eye: Single player/ Cooperative multiplayer mode where players defend the Octagon rune against the void minions.
  • 15 Spells
    • Crazy, fun and nerdy variations of spells to choose from, everything from Whales to bookshelves!
  • 10 Hats
    • most made from player suggestions
  • 3 Beards 
  • 4 Robes 
  • One Arena
    • The Octagon Rune, fuelled bye ancient magic
  • Online and Local multiplayer
  • Controller and Keyboard support
  • Steam invite

During Early Access we will be adding more customization options, spells and modes, and hopefully more arenas before the full Release.

We will continue showcasing the game, staging tournaments where you can win prizes and setting up online play sessions.