We may have been quiet but we have been working hard behind the scenes. 

We are currently working on porting Dumb as Wizards for multiple platforms and finishing up the game. We also teamed up with ScienceAtHome and their talented and passionate developers, scientists, and educators.

Back in April ‘Dumb as Wizards’ hit the steam store in early access. The timing coincided with Random Dragon starting a work-for-hire project with ScienceAtHome, an organisation, which aims to build games and gamification projects, that allow citizens to contribute to the scientific process.



The projects we have developed with the team includes several titles, e.g. Skill Lab: Science Detective; a science game platform developed in collaboration with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), which lets users take control of their psychological testing, making psychological tests fun and engaging and even going as far as mapping your cognitive functions in the process. ‘Skill Labs: Science Detective’ is publicly available right now! – Go play!




Of course, we haven’t stopped working on our own projects, like ‘Dumb as Wizards (See the latest trailer below)’. We don’t expect to keep developing Custom Quest however, so we have decided to make it free of charge. If you need to add missions to your game Custom Quest can serve as a starting point and solid core to start from. You will, however, need to add more quest types, but you can read more about that sort of thing here.



Furthermore, since the release of KnightOut is imminent we have restarted the collaboration with 2nd Studio in order to update and finish off the online multiplayer feature.

So, to sum up: 2018 has been busy indeed, but we have a few more things up our sleeve before this year gets to retire! Keep an eye out for ScienceAtHome and 2nd Studio this December.