Dumb as Wizards is a blast!

Recently we hit a bit of a milestone for Dumb as Wizards. We have been working on adding online multiplayer along with adding assets, new abilities and lots lots more.
Just before Christmas we finished v. 0.3.4p.a  ! We have since been playtesting the build locally and online, we even gave some select twitch streamers access to the demo build.

We have compiled some footage of the gameplay to give an idea of what Dumb as Wizards looks and plays like these days, i guarantee that it is a blast to play! I your ever in the Aarhus area, come give it a try!


We are currently working on adding mouse and keyboard support, polishing the flow and GUI and a bunch of graphical assets. We even have a little something in the works to let everyone add their hat ideas to the pool… more on that later.

2018 is revving u and gaining speed, look forward to a Dumb and magical year for Random Dragon!  – Below is the first of many awesome abilities 2018 brings for our bumbling wizards!

Bumber car speed boost spell dumb as wizards random dragon game concept by kristine kjærsgaard hansen

Wroom wrooom!! – By KrisCrash