All the quests in custom quest gets generated as prefabs, to keep the information visible and easy to access for you while developing.

With the Custom Quest editor window open, press the “+” button in the top left to create a quest, this also creates a prefab in the quests folder. This prefab contains all the information shown in the editor, and can be dragged into the scene, to make the quest available for the player. This can also be done in the “Quests in Scene” tab, where the quest can also get linked to other quests.

Converting a prefab

Custom Quest will let you convert you quest prefab into a script. The reason you are able to do this, is to make it easier for you to make your quests unique without disturbing how other quests will work.

The script keeps the core functions, while letting you build  on to it whatever your heart desires. This also makes all the quest data easily accessible through the prefab, so you always have the data you need at hand.

With a quest selected, press the “Convert Script” button in the top right corner. This takes the data of the prefab, and creates a quest script which inherit the base methods. Giving you the ability to program your own quest type, while still keeping it in the quest system.

The script can then be found in the quests folder and then the “quest name” folder, next to the prefab.