Features we want to add to Custom Quest to make the system even better.

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Additional Quest Types:
Directly adding more ways of completing quests

The player must escort or follow a person or object from point A to B while keeping it safe.

The player has to defend a location from oncoming enemies, often for a set number of waves or time.

The player must have a certain amount of resources to complete the quest, contrary to gather quests these resources are resources the player would otherwise be able to use himself.

The player’s task is to activate / interact with one or more objects in the game world or talk to a number of NPC’s. In some cases, this must be done in a certain order for a puzzle effect.

Search an area, discover an area of the game world. This is useful for introducing areas of the map to the player and giving them a sense of accomplishment right of the bat, showing them a new quest hub or the like.


Single spawn zone:
The ability to select a spawn zone that already exists, instead of creating a new one for each criteria