Custom Quest allows for a single quest to be set up as a sequence of criteria that are completed one after another using the levels hierarchic method.

Every criteria has the option of being leveled, in the editor this is the box just right of the naming bar.

Starting at 0 criteria are unlocked level after level meaning you can create several completely different tasks in a single quest without showing your players all the criteria all at once.

If you have several criteria at the same level, say you want you player to choose one of three options to start of the quest

This is where thresholds come in, at the bottom of the criteria part of the editor there is a thresholds submenu,

Here you can set the “threshold” for each level, meaning how many criteria have to be fulfilled before moving on the the next level of the quest

The number you type into each level is the amount if criteria that need to be completed before moving on to the next level.