In the summer of 2017, where we collaborated with Moped Games to create a prototype of A Panda football game for RobberBall games.

The game was a multiplayer football game where players control a team of pandas playing football(soccer) in local and online multiplayer. During play players are rewarded with powerups. Players will also have to deal with random balls being thrown into play that have a major impact on the game.

Panda football felt like a perfect match for us, it was a social game focused on an easy learning curve and fun without restriction, so children and parents can enjoy a gaming experience together.

Although the project came as a curve ball, so to speak, we decided to dive into the project head first!

With Panda football we truly learned that we can deliver quickly and collaborate with others to create something awesome, even with a tight deadline. And our partnership with Moped Games flourished because of it.

pandaball prototype developed for robberball by random dragon

PandaBall prototype

RobberBall then took the prototype to search for investors.