Custom Quest comes with different types of premade types of criteria and rewards. But custom quest is made so you easily can make your own quests, and then use them in the editor. Simply convert the prefab to a script, by the press of a button. Custom quest comes with the following premade quest types, more will come later:

Criteria types



If the desired quest type is kill, it means the player has to kill the desired amount of enemies to complete this criteria, and get its reward.



The players will have to gather a certain amount of a desired objects, and deliver them to the quest giver to complete the quest.



The player gets an item, and gotta deliver it from the desired point A, to the desired point B.

When all the criterias are completed, and the quest has been handed in. It’s time to give the player his reward, custom quest gives you the ability to give two different types of rewards, or make your own unique rewards!


Reward types



The player will be rewarded the desired amount of the chosen resource, this can be a resource you made. Or one of the premade resources.



The player will be rewarded a gameobject of your choice, this can either be a gameobject made by you, or one of the premade items.