Random Dragon is transitioning into more of a Code Shop.

Our real strength is in our programming skills, structured workflow and dedication, making us able to deliver results.


We have decided to play to our strengths and come out as a work for hire company.


Pulling the plug – “Quest completed”

In the light of recent events we have decided that Quest Accepted will not be completed in its current form. It was a fun project and we learned a lot in the process, about ourselves, the industry and the development process.


Quest accepted had been running on a slow burn for a long time due to an early mismatch in programming and graphical capabilities that skewed the production. We decided to develop Custom Quest and let the graphical side catch up in the meantime. What we didn’t count on, was how much we grew during the development and release of Custom Quest.


Quest Accepted was a student project and we are not students anymore. The time has come to face facts, use what we have learned and not cling to the past.


Whats next? – “New beginnings”

Random Dragon is a business and the time has come to approach it as such, we have released our first product and now we are ready to truly begin our journey.


We will mainly collaborate with other developers and do work for hire projects. We are first and foremost, game developers, but as game developers we bring a unique perspective and skillset on engaging users and bringing them together, that can be utilised in many other fields.


Random Dragons future internal productions will be much more focused with shorter production cycles. We are currently working on a wizard brawling game “Dumb as Wizards” – working title, that we are just about ready to start showing off, so stay tuned in the coming months and contact us if you are interested in our services.