We have worked on and completed several citizen science gamification projects for ScienceAtHome at Aarhus University.


Working for an organisation that strives to use big data to make the world a better place, rather than selling more things, is inspiring. And being allowed to use our game development know how to engage users with science is awesome.


SCIENCEATHOME SAH science at home logo random dragon client

ScienceAtHome is a diverse organisation full of talented scientists, artists, developers, and teachers. Working within a group of people with such diverse skill sets and professions can be challenging. But just like game development, the product and the team are also enriched by working in such a diverse environment.


At ScienceAtHome we have worked as programmers and management, working with scientists and developers alike to create games that support the science, whether it be Quantum Physics, social science or psychology.


We have worked on a number of different projects: Some are learning tools, some are modules for use with several projects, and some are actual games, which gather data based on players’ performance. If you want to know more about what ScienceAtHome, visit their website and perhaps even become a citizen scientist!