Scuffle Scoundrels is a pirate brawler game created by Moped Games

It was greenlit on steam in the summer of 2017 and is available for purchase on GameJolt and

Random Dragon has been hired to add online multiplayer functionality.

Moped Games and Random Dragon have entered into a “work for work” based partnership. We develop the online multiplayer version of scuffle scoundrels and they, in return, create the environment assets for Quest Accepted

Adding multiplayer functionality is a challenge when there is an already existing code base, especially when that code base is someone else’s. Because, as anyone who has worked with network code can attest to, when adding online multiplayer functionality, you have to touch upon every aspect of the game and thus the core code.

To make sure the task was realistic we had to go through the project first hand.
We received the project files for Scuffle Scoundrels and went through them to make sure the task was doable before agreeing to anything.

Finally, after much deliberation, we assessed that we were comfortable saying yes the task.

We are super excited to work on an amazingly fun game, working with the dapper gents from Moped and applying our technical skills to a fun and challenging assignment.

Scuffle Scoundrels will have a full release in the fall of 2017. Players will be able to play against opponents online if they so choose, or play locally if they prefer.