Basic setup – quick guide

Add the script “QuestHandler.cs” as a component to an object in your scene.

Add the provided “CQExamplePlayer” and “PlayerUI” prefabs to the scene.
(The Player UI contains several elements that can be used or not as desired)

Optionally add the provided “Environment” prefab to the scene. (found in the Demo folder)

Alternatively look at the Custom Quest Demo for examples of how to set this up.


Setup in depth (coming soon)
For now you can go to the readme or the API for in depth info.


Creating a quest – quick and dirty.

Go to Tool -> Custom Quest Editor

Go to the ”prefabs” tab.

Create your quest.

Set up the quest

Add criteria

Add rewards

Go to the “Quests in scene” tab

Click your quests in the left menu to add it to the scene

Click select on the quest window created

Go to the inspector to add “handInObject”, “QuestGiver” and “SpawnZone” as needed.