Wizards warlocks and sorcerers. People born with an affinity for magic and a unique connection to the mystical dust that permeates the world, are becoming more and more frequent as of late.


The tower academies are full and can’t take in all of the foundlings.

quest accepted wizard tower

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This means that untaught witches and wizards roam the land, their powers are unrefined and volatile and their control is limited. Normal citizens cower in fear before the chaotic and destructive powers of these magic users.


This has resulted in rogue mage factions emerging, radicals who have not been taught the meaning and history of their powers, who see themselves as more powerful and therefore more deserving than their non magical peers.


There are rumors of Wizards venturing towards the maelstrom at the center of Caldahar, never to be heard from again, the few who return, do so as conquerors, leading prophetic campaigns against the realm of reality spreading fear and chaos, and the word of the silent nothingness.


Young witches and wizards who do get into the academies of Caldahar rarely leave before they are old and wise. Not much is known of what goes on inside these towers, but the massive crystals that sit in each tower academy emanate with power, so enormous, that even the non magical residents of Caldahar recognise and steer clear of.

a wizards staff from ques accepted
Wizards taught at the academies are known to carry shards of crystals with them, using them as focus for their ruinous power.


Consumed by their search for knowledge, witches and wizards seem strange and aloof to other people. Individuals with magical affinity see the world differently, they see the flow of dust in the world as it permeates everything around them, transcending the troubles of the “real” world, this can land them in danger – as chasing butterflies can be a dangerous business in a land where dragons are more than bedtime stories.


Our witch left the academy early, due to a series of incidents brought on by a mix of childlike innocence, curiosity and a, some might say, sexist views on beards. Having spent most of her life within a tower academy, our witch is utterly curious about this new world she has stepped back into. Eager to learn about world of Caldahar she is ready to join your adventuring party and lend her aid and magical powers to your cause.