Playful development studio full of passionate unity wizards

As developers for hire, we have worked on over 20 solutions for mobile, web and PC/Mac for our clients, as contractors, expert help and a full production studio.

Check out some of our clients, their projects or have a look at our services and hire Random Dragon to breathe life into your next product.

At Random Dragon, we wear the nerd on our sleeves. Hosting board game nights, and PlayDate events for the local community. Working at Random Dragon is fun and challenging; we are passionate and work hard to create products we can be proud of, for our clients and ourselves.

Meet the founders:

Jacob Laurits Besenbacher Kjeldsen – CEO / Producer

Jacob leads Random Dragon to complete productions like a lighthouse guiding ships to safe harbour, he is reliable and determined to see the team succeed.

Engaged and welcoming, he is always ready to chat about the indie scene, gaming or nerdy hobbies.

Contact Jacob if you want to set something up with Random Dragon, whether its a business collaboration, a job or product you want completed or just want to play some games.


Nikolaj Sloth – CFO / Programmer

Our own personal pacman coder, eating up tasks set before him with great hunger.

Service minded and goal oriented; Teamwork comes natural to Nikolaj, which gives him an edge when communicating with stakeholders and other experts.

Nikolaj is the heart of the company, a jovial guy that binds the team together with his thoughtful actions and attitude.

Contact Nikolaj if you want to chat about the streaming scene, influencers or just play some games together.


Asbjørn Gjøderum-Svenningsen – CTO / Lead Programmer

A true ninja coder, Asbjørns curious nature lets him attack problems from unexpected angles and solve them before you even notice they were there.

Asbjørn is a down to earth, reliable guy with a competitive side that lets him excel in gaming and on the job.  

Get in touch with Asbjørn if you’re looking for a technical discussion, some advice or a helping hand.