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👑🌸 Are you playing the fabulous Time Princess game? Want to know how to get Friendship Beans to unlock amazing outfits for your character? Look no further! In this article, we will reveal the secrets to obtaining Friendship Beans in Dress Up! Time Princess. 💃💫

First, we’ll explain the different ways you can earn Friendship Beans, such as completing daily missions and participating in events. Then, we’ll discuss the importance of having a healthy friends list and how exchanging Friendship Beans with your in-game pals can help.

We’ll also uncover the Lucky Point Chest feature and how it can reward you with exclusive clothing items. Lastly, for those who are willing to spend some in-game currency, we’ll explore the option of purchasing Friendship Beans using Diamonds.

Get ready to level up your fashion game in Time Princess by mastering the art of acquiring Friendship Beans! 🌟✨

How To Get Friendship Beans In Time Princess?

How To Get Friendship Beans In Time Princess: Complete daily missions, participate in events, exchange with friends, open the Lucky Point Chest, or purchase with Diamonds.

Obtaining Friendship Beans in Time Princess

In the mobile game Dress Up! Time Princess, Friendship Beans play a crucial role in building strong relationships with your in-game friends. These beans can be obtained through various means, and they offer valuable rewards and benefits. Let’s explore how you can obtain Friendship Beans in Time Princess and make the most out of this feature.

Clicking on the Green Jellybean: A Way to Get Friendship Beans

One of the primary ways to obtain Friendship Beans is by clicking on the green jellybean icon located in the friends list panel. This simple action allows you to collect Friendship Beans, which can be used for various purposes in the game. Keep in mind that you can only collect a certain number of beans per day, so be sure to click on the green jellybean regularly to maximize your rewards.

Sending and Receiving Friendship Beans with Friends

In Time Princess, friends can send Friendship Beans to each other as a token of appreciation and support. This exchange creates a sense of camaraderie and strengthens the bonds between players. By sending Friendship Beans to your friends, you not only show your generosity but also boost their gameplay experience. Similarly, when your friends send you Friendship Beans, you receive valuable rewards that can enhance your progress in the game.

Maximizing Friendship Beans: The Daily Limit and Benefits

It’s important to note that there is a daily limit to the number of Friendship Beans you can obtain in Time Princess. The maximum number of beans that can be collected per day is 20. Therefore, it’s crucial to utilize this limit wisely and make the most out of your Friendship Beans. These beans can be used to unlock exclusive items, enhance your gameplay, and strengthen your relationships with story friends.

Stamina and Friendship Beans: Clicking the Heart Symbol

In addition to Friendship Beans, Time Princess also features stamina as a crucial gameplay resource. Stamina is essential for participating in various activities and progressing through the game. To replenish your stamina, you can click on the heart symbol located next to the Friendship Bean icon. This action allows you to receive a boost of stamina, enabling you to continue enjoying the game without interruptions.

Building Goodwill with Story Friends for Friendship Beans

Goodwill plays a significant role in Time Princess, as it determines the strength of your relationships with story friends. By maintaining a high Goodwill level, you can unlock alternate paths and endings within the game’s captivating stories. To increase your Goodwill with story friends, it’s essential to engage in specific actions and interactions that positively impact your relationships. One effective way to boost Goodwill is by sending craftable gifts.

Craftable Gifts: Increasing Goodwill and Friendship Beans

Craftable gifts offer a unique opportunity to increase your Goodwill with story friends while also earning Friendship Beans. These gifts can be created using various materials and resources available in the game. By presenting these thoughtfully crafted gifts to your story friends, you not only strengthen your bonds but also receive generous rewards in the form of Friendship Beans. This creates a win-win situation, allowing you to progress in the game while deepening your connections.

Unlocking Character-Specific Relics Cards through Goodwill

By reaching a Goodwill level of 5 with specific story friends, players have the opportunity to unlock character-specific Relics Cards. These cards offer exclusive benefits and bonuses that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize building Goodwill with your story friends and strive to reach the required level to unlock these valuable Relics Cards.

The Importance of Having a Healthy Friends List

Maintaining a healthy friends list is crucial in Time Princess for several reasons. Firstly, having a robust network of friends allows you to exchange Friendship Beans, which are an invaluable resource in the game. Additionally, friends can lend you their clothes from their closets, providing you with access to a wider range of fashion options. Moreover, borrowing clothes from friends can reward you with gold and diamonds, further enhancing your progress in the game. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to actively engage with friends, add new ones, and foster strong relationships within the Time Princess community.

The Kitty Bank: A Source of High-Star Level Attire

The Kitty Bank is a unique feature in Time Princess that provides players with the opportunity to obtain high-star level attire pieces for free. By accumulating Kitty Points through various activities and interactions in the game, players can unlock chests containing exclusive and desirable attire items. This feature adds an exciting element to the gameplay, allowing players to expand their wardrobe and experiment with different styles and looks.

Spending Gems: Parven’s Shop and Gold Jerry Balloon

Gems are a valuable in-game currency in Time Princess and can be spent in several ways to enhance your gameplay experience. One of the main uses of Gems is purchasing plans in Parven’s Shop. These plans unlock new clothing items, accessories, and other valuable resources that can greatly enhance your character’s appearance and abilities. Another way to spend Gems is by using them for the Gold Jerry Balloon, which offers exclusive rewards and benefits. Therefore, it’s crucial to manage your Gems wisely and invest them strategically in areas that align with your gameplay goals.

Upgrading Clothing in the Fashion Lab

The Fashion Lab is a key feature in Time Princess that allows players to upgrade the power of their clothing. By investing resources and materials, you can enhance the attributes and abilities of your attire, making it more effective in various challenges and activities. Upgrading clothing in the Fashion Lab not only improves your character’s performance but also unlocks new customization options, allowing you to create unique and stunning looks. Therefore, it’s important to regularly visit the Fashion Lab and invest in upgrading your favorite clothing pieces.

Daily Routine in Time Princess: Encounters and Exploration

To make the most out of your Time Princess experience, it’s essential to establish a daily routine. This routine should include engaging in various activities such as encounters, sending cats on exploration journeys, and playing in the Mirage Forest. Encounters offer valuable opportunities to interact with story friends, deepen your relationships, and uncover intriguing storylines. Sending cats on exploration journeys allows you to discover hidden treasures, resources, and rewards. Playing in the Mirage Forest presents exciting challenges and puzzles that test your skills and offer generous prizes. By incorporating these activities into your daily routine, you ensure a fulfilling and rewarding gameplay experience.

Joining a Guild for Special Clothing and Time Coins

Joining a guild, or Society, in Time Princess opens up a world of opportunities and benefits. Guilds provide a supportive community where players can interact, share strategies, and participate in various events and challenges together. By joining a guild, you unlock access to special clothing items that are exclusive to members. Additionally, guilds offer the opportunity to earn Time Coins, a valuable currency that can be used to acquire rare and desirable items. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to join a guild and actively participate in its activities to maximize your rewards and progress in the game.

Fantasy Fair: PVP Board Game Mode for Coins

The Fantasy Fair is an exciting PVP (Player vs. Player) board game mode in Time Princess. In the Fantasy Fair, players can compete against each other to earn coins and valuable rewards. By strategically navigating the board, making wise choices, and outperforming your opponents, you can accumulate coins that can be used to acquire exclusive items and resources. Participating in the Fantasy Fair not only provides a thrilling and competitive experience but also offers substantial rewards to enhance your gameplay.

Phantom Mirror Challenge: Matching

The Phantom Mirror Challenge is a captivating minigame in Time Princess that tests your fashion matching skills. In this challenge, players must carefully select and match outfits based on specific criteria and requirements. By successfully completing the Phantom Mirror Challenge, you can earn valuable rewards, including gold, diamonds, and other resources. This minigame is not only fun and engaging but also offers an opportunity to showcase your fashion sense and creativity.

Cat Tablet Minigames: Energy and Rewards

The Cat Tablet minigames in Time Princess provide players with a fun and interactive way to earn energy and rewards. By playing these minigames and achieving high scores, you can replenish your energy reserves and continue enjoying the game without interruptions. Additionally, the better your performance in these minigames, the more rewards you receive, including valuable resources and exclusive items. Therefore, don’t forget to explore the Cat Tablet minigames and make the most out of this entertaining feature.

In conclusion, Dress Up! Time Princess is an immersive and captivating mobile game that offers a unique blend of dress-up gameplay and intriguing storytelling. By utilizing the various features and strategies mentioned above, you can enhance your gameplay experience, unlock exclusive items, strengthen relationships with story friends, and change the fate of the heroine throughout history. So, dive into the world of Time Princess, unleash your creativity, and embark on an unforgettable journey through time and fashion.

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